Impact Futures protests the use of synthetic drugs

Impact Future members gathered in front of several Amarillo stores July 27, 2013 to protest and raise awareness for an issue they said many people are unaware of in the community.

V&M Convenience Store, H&H Discount, 34th Street Discount, and Planet X are a few of the stores Impact Futures Community Coalition said have been illegally allowing people to purchase synthetic drugs.

Impact Futures officials said with stores selling these drugs at discount prices, the addiction numbers are rising, causing health problems and even death.

Just while protesting outside of Planet X the Pronews 7 crew watched many customers sneaking in through the back doors.

One customer and nurse told protestors who asked if she knew the harm of the drugs that it was not her problem.

"They're behind the wheel they're driving. If the fifteen people that came in here this morning rolled what they bought and drive to work or even drive period, hundreds of people are in danger," said Impact Futures Director, LaViza Matthews, "Your kids are at risk, so you better hide your kids. This is our community and we care about what goes on here.

Amber Wise, the mother of a 19 year old addict was protesting and said that her son had smoked K2 for over five years and is just now receiving rehab.

Her son's addiction had completely ruined her family's life, but she said she is looking forward to finally meeting who her real son is once he is sober.

Impact Futures asks that people take notice of what is going on in our community and to take a firm stand against the use of any kind of drugs to keep our people and children safe.