Immunizations soon to be 'to-go' in Amarillo

Immunizations to-go are the idea behind a new public health mobile medical clinic in Amarillo.

The city commissioners passed an item on the agenda to acquire a mobile clinic for the Public Health Department. The $317,000 bus will be used to deliver immunizations for adults only.

Elizabeth Liles is a stay at home mom, so she understands the repercussions of getting sick these days. She brought her 17-month-old baby girl to the Public Health Department to receive her three month immunizations, something she wishes could be just as easy to do for herself.

"As an adult, it's always hard to go and get because you always put your kids first, that you neglect yourself." Liles said. "You forget that you need shots too."

The health department is hoping to reduce the number of uninsured residents in Potter and Randall county who go years without up-to-date shots. Matt Richardson, director of the Public Health Department said it's something the city has needed for years.

"That mobile clinic we're going to be doing immunizations for adults and these are immunizations that previously have not been part of a safety net program so we're excited about expanding safety net," Richardson said.

The mobile clinic will be subsidized through a federal program, and the only step left is to get it to Amarillo and set up a perimeter in both counties.

"This is going to be for public venues, places we get a large number of adults, provide the most service in the most efficient manner possible," Richardson said.

For Liles, she knows keeping herself healthy is important because being a mom is her number one priority.

"It would be a wonderful thing that they would go and they would give adults immunizations," Liles said. "Because if we're sick than we can't take care of our kids."