Illness outbreak on the high sea

An Amarillo family is suffering through yet another illness outbreak on a cruise ship vacation. What was supposed to be a relaxing getaway is now a fight just to stay healthy!

The Stiner family boarded the Crown Princess Cruise Ship from the Princess Line last Saturday from L.A. for a seven day Pacific voyage. However, soon, their relaxing took a turn for the worst when in just a few days, the cruise had 83 reports of a stomach flu.

"My dad got it two days ago. And they require everybody call medical and report it, and then you're quarantined, for two days, and then they come and they clean your room and they've taken extra steps all over the ship, wiping down everything," Terri Stiner, a passenger on the ship.

The staff is using standard CDC procedures onboard the Princess Cruise as the number of reported sick increase.

"We believe this is something called Nor virus, which is a relatively mild gastrointestinal illness. It does cause some vomiting and can cause some diarrhea. So it's not something that we're extremely worried about. We have it in the general community all the time," said Dr. Takashi Wada.

Norovirus is known for being readily contagious. Stiner said they're doing everything they can to avoid getting sick.

"We've just been staying away from the buffet where there are a lot of people. We've noticed there's a lot less people in the dining room now that people are getting sick. And we've been washing our hands really good with soap and water because that anti-bacteria kills bacteria but doesn't kill the virus," said Stiner.

This is not the first cruise-related illness outbreak we've seen this year. In February, 114 passengers and 10 crew members were reported ill on the Holland America cruise ship and in January, more than 600 people on cruise ships sailing in the Caribbean were sick with a virus.

Maybe rethink that summer cruise plan? Or just pack some extra Vitamin C and disinfectant.