Humphrey's Highland Elementary has improvement plan to meet the grade

Humphrey's Highland Elementary School received a rating of "improvement required" during this year's accountability ratings. Monday night the school and Amarillo Independent School District employees will present their improvement plan to the the school board to get their approval.

That rating came in late August of 2013. According to the Texas Education Agency, the school did not meet standards set on student progress from year to year. Now it's the school and district's hope to change that.

For those not familiar, every year the school district's in Texas are graded on student achievement, student progress, closing performance gaps, and postsecondary readiness. In AISD all but one met these accountability standards. Humphrey's Highland Elementary scored above average in all but year-to-year progress.

"We have a district person who has come in to help us as well as an off district campus person, who has come in to work with a team of teachers that include myself and a administrative team and we have complied an improvement plan," said Humphrey's Principal, Debby Rutherford.

That plan will be presented to the school board Monday night for their approval. A big part of that plan is reinforcing college readiness.

"We really went back and revisited our mission statement which is to graduate every child from high school for success beyond high school," said Rutherford.

The school says they're also focusing on areas where they performed low academically, focusing on bringing those grades up. But the school also has it's set of demographic challenges with about half it's population consider English Language Learners.

"We do have a pretty high at-risk population. And that includes English Language Learners. But at the same time that's no excuse for performing well".

In fact, Rutherford says their dual language program under the accountable program has been a huge success.

"Our academic progress was exemplary on our campus so we are very, very happy with the academic success our students provided last year," said Rutherford.

Moving forward Rutherford says they hope to gain the boards support and will continue to adjust their goals to find those solutions so they met those standards.