Humane Society outraged at Animal Control's alleged cruelty

The Humane Society, who shares a facility with Animal Control, is outraged at the allegations of improper euthanasia, and equally concerned about the commitment of the city to investigate one of its own departments. They said that they share the publicâ??s disgust at the suspected illegal practices at animal control.

In a press conference, the Humane Society commented on the ongoing investigation of Animal Control, and insisted that they follow relevant state laws when euthanizing animals. The Humane Society is also skeptical about the cityâ??s ability to investigate itself. As of right now, the Amarillo Police Department, a city agency, is conducting an investigation of another city agency, Animal Control.

â??There are questions about the commitment of the city to investigate its own department and to fix the many problems that are alleged,â?? said Carry Baker, an attorney and a board member of the Panhandle Humane Society.

The Humane Society, which is a separate and independent charity that shares a building with Animal Control, informed the general public that they have retained legal counsel in case they need to file suit against the city to stop the improper euthanization. They said that they plan on blocking further euthanizations if animal control doesnâ??t begin following the law.

â??If supervisors failed to train or failed to enforce these state requirements, their failure has caused animal control officers to commit crimes,â?? said Carry Baker. More importantly, the violation of these state laws causes great cruelty by the very department charged with preventing cruelty.â??

The Humane Society depends on rescue groups to support its mission. Dawn Hallgren is actively involved with a rescue group, and hopes that this investigation leads to a better agency that follows state mandated euthanasia laws.

â??If employees arenâ??t being trained properly, then establishing a leadership that will make sure that they are training properly is important,â?? said Dawn Hallgrin of the Texas Panhandle Petsavers. â??Establishing a leadership that will make sure that that procedure is handled in a humane way according to Texas law is what we need.â??

The management at Animal Control continues to be on paid leave, and the District Attorney's Office has completed the evidence gathering in their investigations of improper euthanasia. Next, a grand jury will be convening to determine if there was criminal activity in this case.