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      Humane Society expects Mac back soon

      He's being called the Texas Panhandle dog, 10-month-old Mac found weeks ago with a fractured spine took his first steps just days after surgery.

      "The traffic was just whizzing by, and it was already scary and a stressful situation," Amarillo Animal Management & Welfare Officer Danielle Niimi said.

      Niimi and another officer found Mac off I-40 and Grand Street. They said he appeared to have been run over, and was trying to make his way up an embankment.

      "Luckily there was a Mack Truck, that's where he got his name by the way, it was broken down and it helped slow traffic so that we could get to him," Niimi said.

      A Facebook page dedicated to him called "Let Mac Live" spread not only throughout the Texas Panhandle, but got the attention of dog lovers in neighboring states as well. The Amarillo Humane Society sent Mac to Dallas to get a final assessment on his injuries. Veterinarians in Dallas said he had a fractured spine, and would need surgery in order to survive; the only problem the surgery would cost more than $5,000.

      Jena McFall with the Human Society said, "If it wasn't for the people in the Panhandle and even people in New Mexico and Oklahoma...this is really their dog."

      Mac is expected to be home within the next week, but for a full recovery the Human Society has another job at hand, to find Mac a home. McFall said that home has to meet some very strict guidelines.

      "He'll have to be in a home with no children under 10, preferably a home with no big dogs because he's going to be so fragile," McFall said.

      McFall said sheâ??ll continue to update their Facebook page as soon as Mac is back.