HPFB the scene of complicated car chase

Part of the High Plains Food Bank's fence will need to be replaced after a black GMC rammed into it May 16.

The High Plains Food Bank has two vehicles it uses for community outreach, but now employees are down to one.

High Plains Food Bank (HPFB) had to rework its summer outreach schedule, and its employees are using their own vehicles after a car chase involving two GMC trucks ended in the food bank's parking lot.

Two weeks ago what started as an auto-theft incident ended with a total of five vehicles involved, and the food bank at the scene of it all.

HPFB Communication Director Broc Carter said, "We were in-and-out that day, and it's a good thing at the time we were all inside."

Police say the victim of the stolen vehicle pursued the person who stole his black GMC truck in a white GMC truck. At one point the victim rammed the black GMC which caused the driver to lose control, strike the food bank's fence and take out one of its cars. However, it didn't stop there, the black GMC then hopped the curb and struck a vehicle heading north-bound on Ross Street, and landed back onto the HPFB parking lot striking another vehicle.

"We are just so thankful no one was hurt," Carter said. "This incident was unfortunate, but these things can be replaced, people can't be."

The auto-theft victim was booked and charged with aggravated assault, while the other person involved was detained and later released because officers at the scene found evidence that indicated another person had initially stolen the black GMC.

"We are done with our investigation," Sgt. Brent Barbee said. "It's off to the prosecutors, and they get to decide if they're going to charge."

According to APD no one was hurt in the accident.