How you can help Snack Pak 4 Kids expand

An update on a program we told you about last February. That's when the Snack Pak 4 Kids Program was being introduced into Canyon Independent School District . The program is now expanding to include four schools in that district.

Reeves-Hinger Elementary got the program first. But because the need is so great, and because a lot of you responded, three more schools are now able to provide food for students over the weekeend. That's this week's Region 16 Spotlight Education report.

"Snack Pak 4 kids is a program that provides snacks for children that are in insecure food homes over the weekend so we send home snacks in their backpacks for them and the siblings in their home and it provides the nutrition they need over the weekend that they might not otherwise get," said Jodi Davis, Director for Snack Pak 4 Kids Canyon.

240 students will now benefit from Snack Pak 4 Kids thanks to your generous donations. The program is already in place at Reeves-Hinger and Lakeview Elementaries, but now, Sundown Lane and Gene Howe join that list.

Davis says often students who are not properly fed, and that includes kids who don't have enough to eat over the weekend, have a hart time paying attention in class and have a hard time keeping good grades.

"Nutrition helps with the children to focus while they're in school, it helps with the attendance at school and it helps with their grades. They lick their trays, if the bus is late they're crying because they don't get to eat breakfast that morning, they eat all of their food they ask their neighbor for their food at lunch," said Davis.

Now the goal is to continue to expand the program into the rest of the elementary schools.

"Our goal is to expand to all elementary schools there are four other elementary schools here in Canyon that we have not been able to have this program at yet," said Davis.

If you'd like to help, it costs $133 to provide a child with snacks throughout the school year. For more information, email Jodi Davis at or click here .