How the grinch stole Perryton's Christmas

UPDATE: Margarita's Steakhouse in Perryton is helping to replace the toys that were stolen by holding a fundraiser on Saturday. Starting at 11:00 am and running through 6:00 pm, if you bring in a new toy you will get a free hamburger or cheeseburger. A cash donation box will also be set up at the restaurant.

Perryton Police Chief Tony Hill, said there is nothing new in the investigation at this point. Hill also said if you would like to make a donation you can call the police department at (806) 435-4002 and they will direct you to the right place.

They are very thankful to all of those who have and would like to donate.

Previous Story: Just as sure as you'll see the Grinch on TV, he'll show up in a town near you, but the Grinch who stole Christmas from Perryton this week has plenty of people fighting back.

S omeone stole all of the toys that a Perryton non-profit had collected for area kids. Police say it happened anywhere from sundown on Tuesday to the early afternoon hours on Wednesday

I t totals about $8,000 and they have no leads and one volunteer tells us how much it hurts.

"I was just absolutely devastated, we have worked so hard to gather names, we were so excited these children were go ing to get a toy usually this is the only toy they get for Christmas," said Colette Matthews, a Toys for Tots volunteer.

B ut that isn't enough to keep her or the community down...

"W e've already collected at our school two thousand dollars and thats just since this morning at nine o'clock."

S he isn't the only person who is trying to help , C hief Tony Hill is also doing his best to get the community on board.

"W e're asking that people step up and make some donations to the campaign here to fill the gap because of the toys we lost ."

E ven though it's a set back they are doing their best to help the kids that they say otherwise won't have a Christmas.

I f you have any information about who took those toys, call Perryton's crime stoppers at 806-435-2583.

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