How the fair helps our economy

This year's Tri-State Fair is bringing in thousands of people from all over the area.

Which means people are spending money in the area.

With the economy being the way it is, it may tougher this year to come out to the fair than in years past.

"I think it has helped, I know attendance has been down this year compared to previous years, probably cause the economy, but no question its brought revenue to the city of Amarillo," said Emanuel Burgos, St. Matthews Methodist Church Pastor.

St. Matthews' booth at the fair helps them raise at least 80 percent of its funds each year.

"It helps us to raise funds for our Methodist church for the apportionments, the apportionments are used to do missionary work, charity work, community service outreach, and different things those portions are used for."

One booth is selling things like deep fried peanut-butter jelly sandwiches, deep fried smores and other such interesting things to raise money to donate to charities of their choice.

"A portion of the money from this booth goes to the Optimist club and we do have some other charities that we've chosen to send portions of the money to, that we've individually chosen," said Lt. Dana Havlik of the Amarillo fire Department.

But what is it that keeps those people from coming back year after year?

"First of all it's the livestock and animals that come in that are shown and of course the rides and entertainment but I think mostly the food."

After seeing the amount of people that were out there during lunch time it would be hard to argue that point.