How old is too old to drive?


Mills drives to the Amarillo Senior Citizens Association to volunteer five days a week.



nd then
I drive to church on Sunday," said Mills. She also drives to the grocery and to run errands.

Mills will be turning turns 95 in September.



don't feel one bit nervous or scared

," she said.


feel like
I'm as good a driver as anybody."

TRIP, a non-profit transportation research group is working to increase funding and research to support older drivers.

According to
its research, Texas sees more fatalities involving drivers 65 and older than any other state except Florida.

Trooper Gabriel Medrano with the Department of Public Safety says these accidents are not necessarily caused because of the older driver.



henever there's an elderly person that's involved in a crash, whether they're the driver or the passenger, they're more likely to sustain life threatening injurie

s," said Medrano.


n Texas, drivers
85 and older must get their licenses renewed and their eyes checked every two years.

And drivers like Mills are willing to do that to keep driving.



think older adults today are more independent and most do still have cars and do still drive



said Jelaine Workman, the executive director of the Amarillo Senior Citizens Assn. "If they put the seniors into a drivers safety program and they go in and have to have their eyes checked every year and not be able to renew their licenses online, I really feel like that would be a huge help."

Medrano says many older drivers get off the road when they know it's time.



ith age comes wisdom,

" said Medrano.


nd it


s true a lot of the elderly drivers will be out there on the road and they'll self regulate themselves, they will stop driving after a certain hour, they'll avoid rush hour and they'll stay within the area that they know."


will give up her keys when she knows it's time

, but right now she will continue to drive.