How hypnotherapy is helping people with their resolutions

Many of us right now are on week one of those annual resolutions we make.

Things like hitting the gym, reading more, or quitting smoking top the list, but many give up after just a couple of weeks.

Wednesday we with a hypnotist, Gerry Kelly, who says he can help.

While we were there, he was trying to hypnotize a woman to help her quit smoking.

There are always going to be naysayers no matter what you do, but Kelly says the key to hypnosis is taking a short cut to the subconscious mind.

"Our habits are all stored in the subconscious part of our mind, so hypnosis allows us to bypass the conscious mind and bypass the critical factor. That's that little voice when you decide you want to go to the gym after a few days tell you, you don't really want to do this anymore."

Kelly starts by having a patient like this lie down, making sure she's comfortable and telling her just to relax.

He then places a set of headphones on her ears and a microphone on his mouth, so what he says is primarily what she hears.

"We're going to give her an introduction to hypnosis, we are going to find out a little bit more about her particular smoking behavior, and then we're going to really help her develop a behavioral modification strategy."

While Kelly says it is easy for the patient to quit in the office it's his job to teach her the methods that will help her quit permanently.

"I'll be teaching her some self-hypnosis and I'll also be teaching her some little behavioral tricks that she can do to make sure that she is reinforcing the hypnosis session, that she receives here in the office and to make sure she doesn't go back to smoking."

The patient will come back in a week for a follow-up appointment, but the key to making sure the therapy works falls on the patient.

She must keep up with the techniques she is taught, and if it's done right, he says she will have been hypnotized for 21 days in a row.

Kelly went on to say there are two common misconceptions associated with hypnotherapy.

One that it is mind control and two that you have to be asleep, and neither is true.