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      Houston murders: Sole survivor saves grandparents from shooter

      CNN - The sole survivor of a murder in Texas is credited with saving the lives of her grandparents.

      Ron Lee Haskell killed six people, including four children.

      A 15-year-old girl was shot, but survived.

      She said she played dead until Haskell left.

      The teen then managed to warn authorities that her grandparents may also be in danger.

      A neighbor said he saw the couple flee their home.

      "I'm just happy that they got the phone call in time enough to get out of here," the neighbor said. "Literally it was five minutes before the family left, the police showed up and the shooter was here."

      He was arrested after a three-hour standoff.

      He collapsed today in court as the prosecutor recited the charges against him.

      He was lifted into a chair and wheeled from the courtroom.

      His court-appointed attorney, Doug Durham, said the defense will focus on Haskell's mental health.

      Authorities say Haskell was searching for his ex-wife Wednesday when he shot the family in their suburban Houston home.