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      Horse cloning experts now cloning deer

      Rancher Jason Abraham and Veterinarian Gregg Veneklasen have just cloned two white tail does.

      The deer are from a line proven to produce large bucks.

      The two are famous for being the plaintiffs in the American Quarter Horse Association Cloning lawsuit, which they won.

      Abraham??s ranch, east of Miami, has a number of highly bred does.

      Abraham says cloning "sounds crazy, but it??s really simple."

      He says they have one of three cloning labs in the United States.

      They??ve also birthed a muledeer doe from a white tail doe, to see if it could be done.

      It??s now three weeks old.

      Gregg Veneklasen??s son, Andy, says the deer??s father was special. "That is out of Texas State Muledeer record."

      Abraham says, "We??re cloning. I don??t know what the next thing is, but we??re on the cutting edge?|Gregg and I are doing things Universities haven??t figure out. It??s exciting for us to be leaders in the field."