Honoring those who serve and protect

N ovember 11th is Veterans Day across America.

It is a day to honor those who've answered the call to protect Lady Liberty. Many of our veterans gave everything they had. Several ceremonies were held to honor the day, including one at the Texas Panhandle War Memorial.

Silence, salutes, bowed heads. 500 people gathered at the memorial to honor our service men and women.

For Vietnam veterans, there's a deep appreciation for this day. That's because when many of them came home after the war, they were treated as anything but heroes.

"I went in during the Vietnam Era. You noticed none of them got recognized as much as they do now and it's very well appreciated that they are being recognized in this day and time," said Sgt. Major Matthew J. Sellmyer, Army IRRFor others, it's about educating the young about our country's brave men and women. Many even laying down their lives to protect our freedoms.

"They gave their lives to let us do what we can to walk around this country and do what we do day after day , " said Sgt. Major Sellmyer.

One of those brave men, Captain Eric Das, was killed in combat April 7, 2003.

"You have men like our son and other military who are willing to step out and stand up for freedom and so I think it's an important day for us to remember , " said Bruce Das, Director of Navigator Ministry.

A plaque dedicated to the memory of Captain Das now greets visitors entering the war memorial. His dad wishes he could share just one more thought with his son.

"I would thank him very much for the sacrifice that he made ".

Because we all know, freedom isn't free, the path is paved with the sacrifices millions have made.