Honoring those killed while serving their country

Monday is day we pause to remember those brave men and women who've died for country and for our freedom. Several ceremonies have been held around Amarillo this Memorial Day.

At those ceremonies people gathered to remember loved ones, or their fallen comrades. There was respectful silence, prayer, and the presentation of colors.

"It's a wonderful tribute to those that have served," said Sherie Faulkner.

Faulkner spent her day at the Texas Panhandle War Memorial where a plaque with her father's name is on display. Colonel York Gun served in World War Two.

"He was in the Pacific and flew. He was a jet pilot. Later on flew cargo planes and rescue planes in the Air Force. It is such a passionate feeling that I get coming out here and seeing this just knowing that he did serve our country and he loved his country," said Faulkner.

Hiram Carr is a Navy veteran who served in the Korean War right after high school. He joined in 1953, serving 26 years active and reserved.

"It was vastly different than actually growing up in West Texas, which I did. This was a one way exciting to see parts of the world," said Carr.

For Carr, he said he's seen the change over time when veterans were once shamed for their service to the respect they now command.

"It means a lot been through phases where veterans weren't appreciated as much as they are now and it means a lot all veterans," said Carr.

Appreciation from a grateful nation.

The Caprock Class of 1966 also dedicated a plaque at the Texas Panhandle War Memorial. That plaque has the names of two classmates who were killed in action during the Vietnam War.