Honoring mom's of special kids

Just a few days ahead of Mothers Day, one local organization is honoring mothers with children of disabilities.

"We work with some moms who have kids with disabilities" said Maria Garcia, Executive Director of United Parents, "and they are always working so hard to take care of their children and do things for their children. We had the idea of wanting to honor moms and have a very special day for them."

Uniting Parents is designed to empower families and enhance their children's quality of life by providing information, education, training, referrals and support to their families.

Today's open house event was a way to say 'thank you' to all the mothers involved in the program.

As a way showing appreciation, they asked mothers who are involved with the program or who may have an interest to come and visit the offices to meet with partner vendors and members of the staff.

The mothers were offered resource materials, snacks and a choice variety of new clothes donations.

The coalition of health services helps parents with children with chronic illnesses or disabilities in the panhandle with the resources they need to help their children.

For more information about the services provide you can visit

or call Maria Garcia at 806.337.1700