Homeowner, APD, DPS chase 3 men through Greenways

Genaro Hernan Hernandez , 20. He was booked for engaging in organized criminal activity and burglary of a habitation.


Investigators were able to determine that the suspects were able to open the garage door by using a remote door opener stolen from the family vehicle parked beside the home. Currently, investigators believe the firearm used had been stolen from a vehicle in the neighborhood just prior to the burglary.


A Greenways homeowner, Amarillo police officers and the DPS helicopter worked together in the early morning hours this morning to detain three men who were caught in a man's garage.

On June 9, at 3:19 a.m., the resident of a home in the 7900 block of Pineridge Drive was awakened by an alarm indicating entry into his garage. The resident checked the garage and found the door open and three Hispanic males inside. The men fled.

The homeowner pursued but did not catch them. He returned to his home. He then heard a pickup nearby and went back outside. He saw that one of the suspects was driving the pickup. He pursued the vehicle on foot. The pickup driver went into a muddy area near the Greenways School, where it became stuck. The burglary victim caught up with the truck and was attempting to detain the driver when he heard a shot fired. He then realized that the other two suspects were present, and one of them had fired a shot at him. He discontinued his attempt to detain the driver. All three suspects then ran.

Several APD units and the DPS helicopter were responding by this time, and an APD canine unit arrested the driver nearby. Officers located the second suspect in the backyard of a home on Millie Place. He was taken into custody. Officers located a handgun at his arrest scene. Officers located the third suspect some time later. Initial information indicates that he had made his way to a home south of Amarillo, and asked for a ride. A resident that did not know him took him to a home on NE 17th.

Officers had developed a lead on that address, and located him there, where he was taken into custody. Two have been booked into the Randall County Jail. The third man's name will be released when he is booked.

The pickup driver was Genaro Hernan Hernandez


20. He was booked for engaging in organized criminal activity and burglary of a habitation.

Gustavo Ferrusquilla




was booked for those two charges and was additionally charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The third suspect, Robert Eliseo Ramos, 20, was booked into jail for burglary of a habitation and engaging in organized criminal activity.