Homemade bomb rattles neighborhood

"About 15 minutes after that, I heard this explosion outside", said Ed Schroeter, resident of the 4400 block of Evelyn, as he described what he heard Sunday when a homemade bomb exploded inside his neighbor's mailbox.

"Then I looked out and there was a police car blocking the street. Here's a white hunk in the street and turns out, the white hunk is their mailbox", added Schroeter.

Members of the Amarillo Police Department Bomb Squad, and other emergency responders, were sent to the scene immediately, but the investigation continued on Monday. We're told investigators have a few leads but no arrests have been made yet.

"They'll be back out there talking to any witnesses and the homeowner trying to maybe get an idea of there's any problems with someone, that's just part of a normal investigation", said Amarillo PD Corporal Jerry Neufeld.

Fortunately no one was injured but Neufeld told us because the bomb was homemade, the potential for a more serious accident was certainly there.

"It could be something that could go off in just a couple of seconds or it could be something that goes off in several minutes later mom and dad are out there teaching their child how to ride a bicycle down the sidewalk and back and happen to go by that mailbox, that child could be seriously injured or maybe even killed", added Neufeld.

While the incident was certainly a shock to the homeowner and neighbors, Ed says he and his wife still feel Amarillo and his neighborhood are safe places to live.

"We have an alarm system and we continue to keep it active and that's the only thing we do. The best neighborhoods are going to have isolated incidents like that...and we had ours", said Schroeter.

I f you have any information on this incident , or suspects, you are asked to call the Amarillo Police Departmentor Crime Stoppers.