Home tax credit coming to an end

If you're one of the thousands trying to buy a home and receive that last minute tax credit, you only have until the end of the week.

The extension from last November states that home buyers only have to be under contract by April the 30th to qualify.

Locally, the numbers are up by more than 30 percent over the number of buyers this same time last year as people try to get that last minute $6,500 to $8,000 credit.

Cindi Bulla with Realty Central says the push is on.

"It is time to make your final decision and go into contract. You don't have to close until June 30th, but you must be in contract and dated by the 30th of April."

More than 360 homes are currently under contract in the Amarillo market that's up from 255 units last year at this time.