Home sales up slightly in Amarillo

According to records compiled by Greg Glenn of Ada Prudential, home sales are up over this time last year.

Records indicate 1,197 homes sold this year over 1,069 last year.

Kent Powell is selling his home in Westcliff. "Thereâ??s lots of interest," he says. "Thereâ??s increased sales going on, increased offersâ?¦Itâ??s a good time to sell."

His realtor, Dirk Van Reenen of Keller Williams says to make sure your house is staged properly if youâ??re selling. "Probably the number one thing is working your curb appeal. And make sure your home is priced right."

He says buyers should take advantage of low interest rates because there are indications they could begin to rise.

Inventory levels are higher than expected.

Randy Jeffers of Coldwell Banker says, "We thought inventory levels at the beginning of the year were at such a low level that it might constrict some sales going into the new year but weâ??re actually up year to date."

Greg Glenn believes low interest rates are driving a lot of the sales. "I think thereâ??s a renewed optimism and realizing weâ??ve come out of some pretty tough times."

Van Reenen says, "As soon as June hits, itâ??ll be off to the races for real estate again."