Holiday shopping expected to top $600 billion

Christmas is only days away, and thousands turned out Sunday (Dec. 22) for the last weekend of shopping before the holidays.

Westgate Mall was packed with shoppers, but no solid number on foot traffic was available yet.

However, the National Retail Federation says the Sunday before Christmas is the third-busiest shopping day of the year, and holiday sales across the nation are expected to reach $602.1 billion this year, which is a 3.9% rise over last year.

Holiday sales on average have increased 3.3% over the last ten years. And for many retailers, holiday sales account for anywhere from 20 to 40 percent of their annual sales, and last year, holiday sales comprised 19.3% of total retail industry sales.

And the NRF estimates retailers will hire between 720,000 and 780,000 seasonal employees this year, up from 720,500 last year.

You can see an NRF overview of holiday sales at the link attached to this story.