Holiday shoppers hit Westgate Mall

With only two weeks left until Christmas, shoppers are buying their gifts now in hopes of beating the holiday crowds.

Westgate Mall is one of the primary holiday shopping destinations. When church let out Sunday morning, the stores began to fill with buyers. Even Sunday football did not keep everyone in the house.

"There's not a lot of places in Childress to shop for what we need," Out-of-Town Shopper Judy Magourik said, "so we're here just shopping."

Mall employees work to keep the racks and shelves as neat as possible, and the stylists of Toni&Guy Salon see quite a lot of heads. Though they tend to be busy during the holiday season, they are also at an advantage.

"I think it's really convenient that I can work here and at moments, if I'm not busy, I can run to other stores and just shop there, as well," Toni&Guy Stylist Crystal Zamora said. "So, it's very convenient that my work is actually where I shop at."

With more than 100 shops and Santa Claus present, the holiday spirit of Westgate Mall is sure to keep people buying and children smiling.