Holiday safety tips

You can almost smell the turkey now, and the stuffing and the pumpkin pie, but with the holidays come situations that can be tricky and a little dangerous.

So we thought we would remind everyone of a few safety tips to remember when you're traveling or shopping.

First off, if you'll be on the road for a long stretch, make sure that whoever is driving won't fall asleep in the process.

"Make sure you have plenty of rest before you get behind the wheel. If you're tired, don't drive, switch drivers if you've got a long road trip to make. give yourself plenty of time to get there, depending on which direction you are going, you may have weather that you have to contend with, so plan for that," said Amarillo Police Department Corporal Jerry Neufeld. "If you're going to be driving after you've had a family get together, if you've had a drink is one thing but if you have two or three drinks let somebody else drive. Have a designated driver, call as taxi, but definitely don't get behind the wheel of a car."

When you and your family go shopping bring everything inside when you get home.

"Do not let them leave anything in their cars; we still see a lot of auto burglaries in town where people leave suitcases, laptops, purses, all sorts of things in their car. Don't leave anything of value in your car and make sure you tell your guests to get that out of there. If at all possible get them up in the driveway, at least off the street."

"Covering your merchandise with a blanket is not enough to protect it, because a burglar could easily walk by, break your window and have that merchandise in about two seconds."

While shopping, Neufeld says put things in your trunk if you must keep them in your car, because A.P.D. is averaging 50 auto burglaries a day.