Historic Churches thrive in Clarendon

Clarendon is one of the oldest towns in the Panhandle. It was founded by a Methodist Minister, the Reverend Lewis Carhart, who saw it as a religious and educational center.

The original settlement is now at the bottom of Lake Greenbelt, but it had a reputation.

First United Methodist Minister Lloyd Stice says, "Clarendon was a town that was noted as being a place for the saints. So it was called Saints Roost by the Cowboys."

The cowboys also complained there were no saloons in town.

In fact, walking around Clarendon these days, itâ??s hard not to see a church.

The current Methodist church was built in 1910.

The Episcopaleans claim the church of St. John the Baptist is the oldest church continuously in used in the Texas Panhandle.

Also in the Panhandle, St. Maryâ??s was the very first Catholic Church.

Folks had held Mass in homes before the churchâ??s construction in 1892.

And, of course, thereâ??s Coronado.

St. Maryâ??s Parishoner Chriss Clifford said, "Thereâ??s documentation that says Father Juan Padiollo, the chaplain for Coronadoâ??s expedition held Mass in Palo Duro Canyon, May 26, 1541.

She and may other parishoners have helped renovate St. Maryâ??s, including making the stained glass.