Highland Park students learn about the science behind the movies

Have you ever wondered what goes into making your favorite movie stunts happen? It's actually a lot of Science. Students at Highland Park got to experience that Science during an assembly on Friday.

"Science in the Movies" is an educational program that gets kids excited about what else, science. Showing them how their favorite action movies use it to make those daring stunts happen. It gives them the experience like no other that they'll remember. Thomas Betts is a stuntman and pyrotechnician who visited Highland Park.

"I always wanted to go into the Science field trips when I became part of this program I started thinking of the programs that I remember from when I was these students age, and I couldn't remember but one the guy brought snakes," said Science in the Movies stuntman, Thomas Betts.

Betts shows the kids how a pulley system works, to getting the teachers involved in a little action packed movie, to setting a house on fire and controlling those flames.

"When he lit the house on fire. Because it was funny how he moved the fire to that window," said third grader, Anthony Smith.

"To get kids thinking how things were created not just the fact that, oh that looks cool or let me watch that again. Instead, I want to understand what's behind the the Science. I want to understand how to create that to make this look the way it did," said Betts.

"It made it more interesting I guess and you got see how Science really works," said fifth grader, Karmie Cerbantes.

It's not just about fun and games. Officials with "Science in the Movies" say schools they've been to generally score up to 33-percent higher on their physical science scores than students that don't the see the program.