Highland Park students are using iPads to make music

Highland Park Junior High School students are learning how to play music using iPads bought thanks to a grant given by the district's Education Foundation.

Those iPads arrived just a few weeks ago. Since then, students have been getting acquainted with their new musical instruments. It's this week's Region 16 Spotlight on Education.

The sound of musical instruments like the drums, piano, and guitars are being played on iPads thanks to a few easy to use apps.

"Our kids are visual learners they're hands on and this makes every kids successful," said Highland Park Jr. High School band director, Kayla Drivers.

For students, it gives them a new outlook on how to approach a musical education.

"I use to not like have any interest in the piano. I use to think I was just horrible at it. And now that I'm learning songs on the piano I've found out that I'm really good at the piano and I started liking it," said 6th grader, Tandi Potter.

"Because sometimes the beat of it makes it a better day when you get to hear music and sometimes it hits your heart and it just makes you feel better," said 6th grader, Landyn Ott.

"They're coming to me with fire in their eyes because they've written a song or they've done something really neat or they've learned a song that they like on the radio that they've learned on the iPad," Drivers.

Driver said the students will perform for the Education Foundation to thank them for their generous gift.

"It's the life line of education we wouldn't be able to do this without that grand and this is something that I really think the kids are loving."

Driver adds the music apps and equipment are also teaching the students skills that will carry over to careers involving audio equipment.