Highland Park schools flooded

On Highway 60 near Highland Park, over 10 inches of rain dumped down in a matter of hours, leaving part of their school under water.

The rain started at Highland Park and Highway 60 at 7:30, and not an hour later, waters flooded across the highways cars were stranded in ditches as rain poured for close to 6 hours.

Highland Park had been undergoing some summer construction which caused their drainage system to slow, turning their elementary school into a river.

"I got the call around 9:15 my board president called and said we've gotten a lot of rain out here. I was in town and there wasn't much rain so I was surprised to hear it was that bad," said Mike Brown Highland Park Superintendent.

Fortunately Brown was able to recruit students, faculty, maintenance staff and even board members to try and get the water out, and salvage what they could.

"All the classrooms on the 2nd grade hallway are full of water, water is coming down the hallway like a river, and the main hallway, we also have standing water in the hallways and classrooms."

After it was all said and done, over 10 inches of rain fell at the school. Brown says this is a horrible tragedy, but is confident with the support of the community, his staff and the Panhandle Spirit, they will work hard to clean up their school.

"That's what makes Highland Park what it is all the help we get from people who work and go to school here, they have a sense of pride in this school, and make sure to get it clean as soon as possible."

Parts of their high school and middle school, including their football field received flood damage as well.