Highland Park pulls together after flooding

Here's a look at the school before the flooding.

The entire Highland Park community, and staff rallied together to get the mess caused by Wednesday night's downpour cleaned up. They literally saved their elementary school after 10 inches of rain came down. The hallways looked like rivers with classrooms 2-3 inches under water. Leaving Superintendent Mike Brown and his staff scrambling trying to save what they could.

"I've never seen a rain like this, I've lived in the panhandle my whole life and I have never seen it come down like that," said Brent Childers, a staff member of Highland Park.

Brown says he was just trying to get it all cleaned up quickly.

"I'm just wishing it would hurry up and stop raining, then I was hoping to get the water from the from the west side to east side as fast as we could."

But with their determination from dusk til dawn, they were able to salvage computers, desks, and telephones, even getting their hallways completely dry.

"If we would have allowed it to continue this way it was going to be obvious water would have came through windows and would have been much deeper in here than what it did, I think were doing everything we can to make it as good as it can be," said Brown.

Even though there is still damage, and plenty to be done, they can smile knowing the community pulled together.

"Feel like a family, and everyone came and pitched in and did their part and worked hard," said Childers.

Brown believes it's a true testament to how people work together in the Panhandle.

"Anytime this happens to people in the Panhandle they rally together and find a way to get it done and I'm proud of that."

They're not sure just how much damage the water caused, and won't know until their insurance company comes out to do an assessment.

Brown thinks they'll certainly be in good shape when school starts in the fall.