High spirits in the High Plains: Boys Ranch Rodeo

Partners from not only the Panhandle, but across the country were "lassoed in" this Labor Day weekend to the 69th Annual Boys Ranch Rodeo presented by Cal Farley's.

Dan Adams, the President of Cal Farley's Boys Ranch said you can't get a better deal for a good time in the High Plains.

"For the small prices of $10 for a ticket to go to our Adventure festival, a barbeque and a rodeo. I don't know what more you could ask."

But it's much more than just a roundup on the Home Range for this ranch in Potter County.

"It's an alumni reunion for kids who grew up at Boys Ranch years ago," said Adams, "it's also an opportunity for the kids that live here today to participate in front of a crowd of people that support this organization."

Adams also added the ranch prides itself on instilling a foundation of core values and beliefs in its youth.

"We focus on their academic education. We focus on their work ethic, we focus on their religious education. It's just basic Americana that we feel like it's going to set them up to be productive adults when they leave here."

Overall, the message at this year's rodeo event is blood is what makes you related, but loyalty is what makes you family.

"For the kids that grew up and went off and became productive adults, to come back and reunite with people they grew up with, it's homecoming. It's just like coming home."