High-speed chases through city limits: Worth the trouble?

A 40-year-old man was arrested on charges stemming from a vehicle pursuit and forgery that happened on Tuesday, according to Amarillo Police. Read more here.

Over the past few weeks, there have been quite a few cases of high-speed chases throughout city limits.

The high-speed chase that took place yesterday evening around drive home time has many wondering whether or not these dangerous pursuits are worth the trouble?

Witnesses of the chase say that it was a miracle that even the police didn't hit someone and cause a lot of accidents, stressing the fact that someone could have been hurt.

The high-speed chase originated at the Amarillo National Bank at 45th and Bell. Police were called to the scene after the suspect tried to pass a forged check.

Police chased the suspect through residential and construction areas even as far as 58th and Georgia. The chase was finally called off once they had a good vehicle description and a possible address.

Jerry Neufeld of Amarillo Police Department says "what we look at is the offense, the probability of identifying and locating the individual again, the amount of traffic out there, and again the risk factor."

He says that more times than not they will cancel a chase because they don't want to harm any unsuspecting citizens during the pursuit.