High speed chase started from a running car that was left unattended

The high speed chase Thursday morning started from a vehicle that was stolen from the Allsup's on Highway 60 in Canyon.

The vehicle was left unattended and running at the time it was stolen.

"While D-P-S officers, our officers and probably Randall County was checking that area for this individual, they saw probably one to two vehicles on every block that was out there, running, and it was an open invitation. It's very fortunate that he didn't hop into another one and drive off," said Jerry Neufeld with the Amarillo Police Department.

Neufeld said there were more than 800 auto thefts last year. The keys were in the vehicle for more than half of those cases.

Neufeld also said auto thefts often increase during the winter months.

He said preventing this is simple. Do not leave your car running unsupervised.

The suspect from the chase is still at large and is described as a white male, wearing a black and white poncho with blue jeans.

Any one with information should call APD at 378-3038.