High paying jobs coming to Amarillo

The incentive package includes Maxor keeping 220 jobs and adding 375 new positions. (By: Steve Douglass, KVII)

Hundreds of high paying jobs are likely headed to Amarillo. The Amarillo city council approved an incentive package Tuesday for Maxor, a pharmaceutical company, to create positions. The Amarillo Economic Development Corporation (AEDC) developed the deal. The $13 million incentive package includes Maxor keeping all of its current jobs and adding more.

"Keeping 220 high paying jobs but also adding 375 over the next few years,” said Barry Albrecht, the AEDC’s president and CEO. “And these are quality jobs downtown."

The new jobs are each expected to pay about $70,000.

The AEDC’s incentive package includes a $5.5 million grant for Maxor keeping 220 employees and $13.8 million payroll for 20 years. Maxor could get an additional $7.5 million if the company creates 375 new positions with a payroll of $25 million.

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