Hidden cameras expose exaggerated Herbalife benefits

ABC -- A

popular product is not the subject of investigation, and it may be in your house; it's called Herbalife.

Herbalife is the supplement that claims to have incredible powers to restore health and prevent disease.

Now, hidden cameras are exposing what they're really saying behind the scenes.

With hundreds of thousands of American independent distributors, the Herbalife company said business has never been better despite two federal investigations and allegations by critics it's an illegal pyramid scheme, which Herbalife denies.

The $6 billion company produces a range of diet powders and nutrition products that are sold only by its distributors, like Amway or Tupperware operate.

Regardless of a court order saying not to make false or misleading representations about the products health benefits and the company telling distributors not to claim that Herbalife can treat, cure or prevent any disease, undercover reporters found several distributors making claims that the product has helped to cure heart problems, headaches, anemia, brain tumors, and help assist in pregnancy.

Des Walsh, the president of Herbalife, said this is not the Herbalife he knows.