Hereford police investigate school security threat

Thursday morning at approximately 9:00 a.m. Hereford High School Staff were notified by a parent that a threatening text message was circulating around students.

According to the parent, the text contained a possible security threat and contained the word "shooting" in the message.

Hereford police were immediately notified of the possible threat and responded to the campus.

A news release from Superintendent Kelli Moulton said that teachers held students in their classrooms while Hereford Police and campus resource officers secured the campus.

Classes at Hereford High School are back to their regular schedules and Hereford Police are conducting an investigation into the source of the text message.

"We will continue to be ever vigilant in the protection of our children and continue to treat each threat as real until proven otherwise," Hereford Chief of Police Brent Harrison said.