Hereford high school students show off their welding skills

Welding students at Hereford High School are being recognized for their hard work and by placing first in state and third in regional competition. The class has also helped them find a career they want to purse.

Hereford Independent School District is one of the only ones in the area that gives students the opportunity to earn their welding certificates before they even graduate high school. Which gives these students a chance to earn a living as soon as they do. Pronews 7 is featuring their hard work in this week's Region 16 Spotlight on Education.

Sounds of metal on metal fill the air at Hereford High School's Career Technology Education Center. It's a sound of hard work. A miniature metal ferris wheel is a product of that hard work.

"I like it because you can create various things such as a sculpture," said Hereford student, Mario Aguilar.

That ferris wheel sculpture won Mario first place in state UIL Competition. He said it's his mother that inspired the piece.

"She's in Mexico and she left me there to study and she told me, I'm leaving you here for a reason. I'm leaving you here so you can study and do something about your life," said Aguilar.

That's what these students said push them, they want to be successful.

"It makes you feel like special, important."39:06"If you have the skills its kind of a like easy for you do do so you get use to it," said Hereford student, Rene Quinones.

"It makes me feel like confident for myself and I know what I can do so I pretty confident. It's hard but I can do it," said Hereford student, Jesus Castillo.

Earning their welding certificates has given them a chance to work as soon as they graduate high school.

"For me I couldn't go to college so I can get a job easily," said Quinones.

"The idea comes from my dad. He owns a body shop so I want to be like my dad and one day have my own body shop," said Castillo.

Jesus and Mario said they plan to attend college after graduation to become pipe welders.