Hereford High School students get career experiences

A group of Hereford High School students are getting some real career experience right now. They're working at the hospital there, and at some nursing homes.

It's not every day you hear about high school students working in the medical field. In a lab getting results, to assisting residents at the nursing home. But Hereford High School students are doing just that.

It's this week's Region 16 Spotlight on Education report.

Stepping into Hereford High School's Health Science Technology Education classrooms and you can immediately tell, these are no ordinary classrooms. With mannequins, hospital beds, and medical equipment, these students are learning how to save lives.

"I love being around people helping them out knowing I make a difference in a life, it's very fun," said Orlando Urquiza, Hereford High School Senior.

It's that drive that's helping these students tackle a career. Many already being qualified as a certified nursing assistant, participating in clinicals, and soaking up every bit of information and education they can.

"People ask me how old are you and I'm like 17 years old and you're a can? And they're like wow I can't believe you're actually doing it," said Urquiza.

"We go with some dentist, chiropractors, dialysis centers. So they get to see a wide range of stuff," said John Peters, Hereford High School Teacher.

"We don't draw blood out the phlebotomist do it and they give it to us and we spin it down. We do whatever test the need we put into the machine, look up the results and make sure they get to the doctors. Urine test they give us the urine and we run the test," said Brenda Martinez, Hereford High School Senior.

Each student has to complete 75 hours and learn 54 skills to get their CNA.

"This program teaches life application skills and professional skills. For high schoolers it means so much and high schoolers at different places one student may need to go to work right out of school and this gives them an edge up it gives them a higher salary because they have their CNA," said Michelle DeLozier, CTE Director.

The program is even getting statewide recognition. Recently, Hereford High School was selected to be featured in "Texas School Business" Magazine.