Help out a Little Brother or Sister with lunch once a week

On Tuesday nights we usually bring you a waiting child in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, but there's more than one way you can help out, especially if you don't have enough time to be a full time big.

If you don't have the extra three to four hours a week to spend on a little brother or sister who needs your help, you might want to consider their program where you get to eat lunch once a week with a Waiting Child at their school, according to Emily Nance, Executive Director of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.

"Our program proves that we are improving the outcome of these children, not only in theri educational aspirations, but they're avoidance of negative behaviors; drugs, alcohol, tobacco and they're haveing a Big they're having a better relationship with their famlies and with their peers, and it's because they feel beeter about themselves.

There are a number of school in at-risk neighborhoods where more bigs are needed and Emily is determined not to let these kids slip through the cracks.

"This year it's my goal to serve as many of these children as we can. you may have work and families but this is a way to give back to these children during your lunch hour that doesnt' impede in your family time. It's those little things that make a big difference."

Signing up for the lunch program is as easy as signing up for the regular program, and it makes a big difference in a young person's life.

To sign up for this program, call the Big Brothers/Big Sisters office at 351-2210 and tune in every Tuesday night for our Waiting Child segment on Pronews 7.