Heavy rainfall brings much needed water to Canadian River

Canadian River


ast night there was a flood advisory for the
Canadian River, just north of Amarillo. This heavy rainfall brought some much needed water to the river.


he rain's landed in a pretty good spot. We went down to the river last night at about eleven o'clock and it was flowing at over fifteen-thousand cubic feet per second. Which is quite a bit of water from what we're used to

," said Kent Satterwhite with Canadian River Municipal Water Authority


said the last time Lake Meredith saw a rise was in 2008. It rose to about eight feet. If the water from yesterday flows directly into the lake, there could be about a 3 feet rise.


Sattlewhite said there are many factors that play a part in how much water will actually make it there. Things such as evaporation and overflow all need to be taken into consideration.



t'll be interesting to see how much of that does you know, get into the lake. Theres several places for losses. With this big of a flow, it spills out of the channels that there is. But I think most of that water will get to the lake eventually

," Satterwhite said.

Sattlewhite said it could take up to two weeks to see a rise in levels.