Heat stroke victim claims apartment complex isn't fixing AC

Kenny Mooney, a retired veteran, has been living without air conditioning for 5 days. He said the Lighthouse Apartments complex has done little to fix it.

"I came back to my apartment Sunday evening, turned my air conditioner on, it came on and cooled for 2 to 3 minutes," said and then it never would do anything but blow hot air."

67-year-old Mooney said he put in a request with apartment management to have the problem fixed. "I went down and put in a work order to have it repaired or replaced," said Mooney. He said maintenance workers determined that the unit needed to be replaced, but the Lighthouse Apartments manager said the project would take some time to complete.

"She said we order stoves, refrigerators, and air conditioners all at one time," said Mooney. "I asked how long it would take, and she said it would be later on this week or early next week."

The lack of A-C isn't the only reason that Mooney is in a rush to get it replaced. "My age is a factor, I'm 67-years-old and I've had heat stroke before."

Mooney stated that his lease indicates that owners are responsible for taking care of A-C repairs with "customary diligence."


or now, Mooney has found some alternatives to beat the heat. "I just have a fan and a ceiling fan that I run during the day, and most of the time I stay outside in the shade or go somewhere," said Mooney. "All I want them to do is replace the conditioner. That's the simple thing I ask."