Heart for Africa co-founder inspires action through testimony

Janine Maxwell was the founder of one of the most successful marketing companies in Canada. After a life changing event, what she then found, in her opinion was much greater.

Maxwell can remember exactly where she was on 9/11. Thousands of lives were lost on that tragic day, but it sent Maxwell on a hunt for the meaning of hers. What she didn't realize in that moment was that she had a heart for Africa.

After the tragic terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, Janine Maxwell found herself among thousands fleeing from the ashes and rubble left behind.

Through this nightmare, it led her to dream of a life that she had not been living. A life of giving.

"I had nice cars, great family, big house, all the fancy cloths," said Co-founder of Heart for Africa Janine Maxwell. "I really wondered what I was doing with all of that, finding the meaning of life took me to Africa."

She traveled with friends to Africa, a country that has a 46% HIV rate, as they worked on filming the needs of the street children. What she saw, she couldn't forget.

"Once I saw them and met them, they were my friends, my children, they were human," said Maxwell. "They were real. They weren't a photo. I went back to Canada and back to my business and life, I just couldn't I was broken."

In 2005 she and her husband found, Heart for Africa, a nonprofit inspiring hope. H-O-P-E; hungry, orphans, poverty, education. Last year, the couple and their family packed up and moved to Swaziland, Africa

"I don't need to cry anymore," said Maxwell. "I can do something! When I find a baby who has been tragically abandoned or wrapped up in a plastic bag and left under a tree, I don't cry, I don't even think about it. I am so excited."

Maxwell is excited to be there, to lend the hand of hope, to help the people of Swaziland.

In just a short year, she is the mother of 27 saved children. Without the efforts of her and her husband, 27 children would be dead.

"Do for one person what you wish you could do for every person," said Maxwell. "Just as my dreams for my son Spencer, and daughter Chloe, I have the same dreams for these children. That they be raised to be godly men and women. That they make a difference in the world and I know they will. They've been chosen."

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