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      Healthy travels!

      H ours in a cramped space can wreak havoc on your body.

      O ne of the issues a lot of people will have will be back pain, buttock pain, or hamstring tightness or calf tightness

      T hat's why many airports across the country are trying to help their passengers unwind. D allas Fort Worth International Airport has installed mosaic medallions on the floor . They're works of art used to guide passengers in a nearly one mile walking route around the terminal.

      W alking is fantastic, especially because that will overall maintain flexibility in the muscles, in the back and buttock area, in the leg when you're walking.

      K eep these tips in mind.

      - S tay hydrated. Cabins get dry- that can cause cramping.

      - B e as active as possible before a flight.

      - D o some stretches during a layover.

      H ealthy travels!