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      Health Report: Melanoma in the Panhandle

      A shining statistic , the Panhandle enjoys 270 days on average of sunshine a year, and that's why Panhandle people need to protect their skin.

      A mong all cancers, skin cancer is the most common form physicians in our area treat.

      Dr. Subhasi Misra says melanoma is the the most deadliest form of the disease and it's important to catch it early.

      In fact, recent studies have shown that among all the counties in Texas, Potter county is the only one in the state where melanoma death rates are on the rise.

      S tatistics have shown that even a one time episode of sun burn can predispose you to a higher increase of developing melanoma.

      S o what do we need to look for when performing an at home skin exam ? Just remember ABCD when looking at your moles. A stands for asymmetry, B border irregularity, C stands for color, and D is diameter, no more than 6mm.

      T he Texas Tech Health Science Center sees on average three to four cases of skin cancer a week! They encourage you to check yourself and get a yearly skin exam.