Health Minute: Parents, be a candy cop!


child's haul from trick or treating contains about 4800 calories and has 3 cups of sugar and 1 and a 1/2 cups of fat. That's the average for about 60 pieces of candy, according to an

obesity expert at
Loyola University.

So what should parents do?
Experts say don't deprive your children of candy, but have a conversation about how much might be too much. Make sure your kids continue to eat healthy meals and save the candy for a special treat. You may need to monitor teeth brushing a bit more than usual. Sticky gooey candy can get stuck between teeth. Dentists suggest that a cavity can form within 4 hours of eating candy if the teeth are not brushed soon after.

Now may be a good time to enjoy the treats while teaching the children about living a balanced, healthy life style.