Health Minute: Losing weight, gaining years

A family who loses together can gain so much! Father and son Joshua and Vinney Harris prove it losing 200 pounds together. Not only are they sharing their story, but they are encouraging all of us to live a healthy life.

Joshua struggled with addiction and health issues for years but after the birth of his daughter Maddy, he decided it was time to turn his life and his weight around. Joshua is now a personal trainer here at Gymbos Personal Training and Fitness.

His son Vinney also has also signed on, and has lost almost 70 pounds. Not only are the two encouraging others to get fit they have developed a new program for people with Down syndrome or special needs to stay active and healthy, too.

This new year the Harris family has a message for all of us. They've lost more than 200 pounds together by getting help for what they can change, and giving up what they can't.