Has Government Become Big Brother?

A recent national poll says a majority of Americans continue to grow weary of the federal government. Of those polled in December of 2013, 72 percent believed the size of government is a bigger threat than the roles of big business and labor.

"I believe our government has too much power and is out of control," said Dana Newsome. "I want to believe the government has good intentions, but it's too big to care about all of us."

As part of my weekly conversation with residents of the Texas Panhandle, I asked Pronews 7 viewers for their thoughts on the biggest threat to the future of the United States. The majority of those questioned believed the role of government is a greater threat than big business or labor.

"The government is too big for it's britches," said Ryan Canode. "Very few politicians are willing to work with one another. I believe our best option is to trust in God, not what happens in Washington."

But not everyone agreed that government is the country's biggest obstacle for a promising future.

"I really don't believe it's business, labor or the government," said Ron Nickum. "I'm 70 years old and have seen a lot. I like a big government. We need a government that will help those in need. We also need a big government to have a big military. That's really important."

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