Has breast cancer awareness lost its focus?

It's a question being asked by breast cancer advocates: Has breast cancer awareness lost its focus and become more about marketing than women's health?

It's called pinkwashing and according to the Associated press, activists have coined this term talking about the lost focus of the actual cause of breast cancer awareness.

Pinkwashing is when a company or organization does a pink breast cancer promotion and simultaneously sells and profits from pink-themed products.

During October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, tons and tons of products are available in the symbolic color of pink. Activists say many times, these companies are taking advantage of this month and making profit, thereby losing the entire focus of awareness.

Past products have included a Smith & Wesson 9mm handgun with a pink pistol grip, a pink eyelash curler, pink batteries, pink wrapped candy, a pink Swiffer and a pink bucket from Kentucky Fried Chicken.

While portions of these sales of these items may go toward breast cancer research, has our society lost focus of breast cancer awareness?

Information from the Associated Press