Harlem Shakers take over Cadillac Ranch

The infamous Cadillac Ranch was taken over by Harlem Shakers. The Youtube craze known as the Harlem Shake video has gone viral getting people all over the country battling to make their best version of the video and Amarillo is no exception. A group of friends decided to make their own version of the video.

"We thought it would be a fun thing to do and help get the youth out here," said Jesse Harada. "Something fun to do on the weekend and just give them something to do and have them be active."

It started with a Facebook page inviting people to come out and join the movement. Their goal was to have a thousand people show up to the Cadillac Ranch ready to dance. Youtube is filled with many others that have duplicated the video, but these masterminds were determined to do better.

"We're going to try to shoot the biggest Harlem Shake that's ever been done," said Gunnar Widowski. He explained the concept of the video beginning with one person dancing by themself. But when the beat drops, hundreds of people show up in the frame going crazy.

The Cadillac Ranch was just the place for them to put their plan into place. Countless Amarillo residents showed up for the action.

"We thought it would be really cool to try to do it here at the Cadillac Ranch since there's a lot of space," said Widowski.

"Since they're trying to tear it down and take it out we should immortalize it in a video. Make it last forever," said Nathan Melugin.

While they didn't quite meet their goal of a thousand people, they still had fun getting people together to have a good time.

There will be another Harlem Shake video Sunday at 3:00 at Palace Coffee Company in Canyon and Monday at 2:30 at the Amarillo High School football field.