Happy State Bank shredding all week long

All this week consumers will be able to go to any of the Happy State Bank branch locations to drop off personal, confidential items in a shred bin to have these items securely destroyed.

Happy State Bank has put bins in their lobbies so that anyone can come in and have their documents destroyed during normal lobby business hours. From August 6 until the tenth the bins will be available.

As a help to customers in the fight against identity theft, bank official are sponsoring this event for anyone to come and have their sensitive information securely and properly destroyed.

The bins are locked up and shredded on site by WesTex Documents. More information about WesTex Documents can found online at

Items that should be shredded are papers that may contain personal identifying information such as Social Security numbers, home address, date of birth or passwords, cancelled checks, check registers, bank statements or receipts, loan documents, mortgage documents, brokerage statements, school records, credit card, mortgage and finance solicitations, credit card statements, contracts, personal business papers, and credit applications.

Not only are you protecting yourself from identity theft or fraud, often the shredded material will be recycled into items such as commercial grade paper towels, toilet paper and other paper products.