Happy Leap Year! Bring on the weddings and babies!

An extra day is added to February every four years in order to keep the Gregorian calendar in alignment with the earth's revolution around the sun.

If that extra day were not added, six hours would be lost each year. That would accumulate to losing about 24 days over 100 years.

Many people across the country view leap year as special and choose to spend Feb. 29 with someone special. Dustin Parks and Aly Gleason were married the afternoon of Feb. 29, 2012, and Parks said he chose that particular day for a particular reason.

"Well, Aly is a very special girl and this is a special day," Parks stated. "It only happens once every four years and I just thought it would be a perfect day to celebrate my love with her."

Three weddings took place at the Randall County Justice of the Peace- Precinct 4 this Leap Year, and Northwest Texas Hospital saw several babies born, as well. Amanda Wyatt was scheduled to deliver her baby Kynzly on March 4, but doctors decided not to wait that long.

"It feels rare, original," Wyatt said. "Not many people have the same birthday as she does, so that's good."

Since it will be another four years before anniversaries and birthdays can be celebrated on the exact day, Parks, Gleason and Wyatt said they will more than likely celebrate on Feb. 28.